CBB in the news

Kairosnews blogs CBB Plagiarism Project. (7 March 2004)

The NITLE News cites the CBB plagiarism project as an effective example of RSS in Education. (February 2004)

Maine Public Broadcasting interviews Andrei Strukov, University of Maine, Orono, and Michael Hanrahan, Bates College, about their respective institutional approaches to plagiarism. (29 January 2004)

Fighting plagiarism

The Christian Science Monitor reviews in brief the options available to counter student plagiarism: detection, ethics, and re-designing assignments.

Maine Colleges Respond to Plagiarism

Maine Public Broadcasting* reports on measures taken by the University of Maine and Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin colleges to address the issue of student plagiarism. (*Requires Windows Media Player)

BBC report on English internet-based cheating and plagiarism

The BBC reports on current English cheating and plagiarism. Prof Bassnett says students get away with internet plagiarism because of lack of resources to monitor cheating, coupled with the increasing workload faced by lecturers and examination markers. "Even though some universities now have software in place to monitor plagiarism, most markings are done anonymously and therefore you don't get to know the students' individual writing styles." She believes the trend is a result of the mass higher education embarked upon by the government. "When you have mass education you no longer have expectation of excellence. "Students nowadays want to push the boundaries. Universities are becoming degree-producing factories." (via Edupage)

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