Ivys shun plagiarism detection tool reports that several Ivy League Universities are refusing to subscribe to plagiarism detection resources claiming that, "using software would undermine the trust between teachers and students."

Turnitin & copyright

In an article in Texas Tech's student paper, a law student questions the legality of Turnitin's practice of acquring for free and storing entire student essays.

NYC secondary schools adopt turnitin

A number of public and private secondary schools in the NYC area have subscribed to Turnitin.

'Does plagiarism matter?'

Jonathan Wolff muses on plagiarism in The Guardian.

NPR revisits 'Cut and paste plagiarism'

Talk of the Nation: Every writer, student and scholar is supposed to give credit, where credit's due, but it's easier and easier to steal. The Internet gives everyone access to enormous amounts of material, and reproduction is a lot faster than research. Guests on the program discuss the plague of plagiarism. (Guests: Donald McCabe, John Barrie, Michael Williams.)

UNH to trial Turnitin

The University of New Hamphsire has decided to test Turnitin. "The cost for Turnitin, . . . according to the faculty minutes, is $11,056 for a year and $27,356 for three years."

Turnitin prompts debate @ CMU

At a panel discussion, Central Michigan "students and staff raised questions . . . about the university investing nearly $15,000 for a new service to help prevent plagiarism."

UMass subscribes to Turnitin

The University of Massachusetts has decided to subscribe to Turnitin. The subscription will cost $20,000/year. 4,000 schools have subscribed to Turnitin

LexisNexis partners with iParadigms

"LexisNexis and iParadigms [the creators of Turnitin] teamed up to create a product called CopyGuard to help detect plagiarism and copyright infringement and protect intellectual property."

Iowa encourages faculty to use Turnitin

The U of Iowa has recently begun to encourage its faculty to use the Turnitin subscription that the university has had for three years.
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