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Turnitin Faces more criticism

The Daily Motion reports that professors at Syracuse University are beginning to question the effects turnitin.com has on professor-student relationships.

Turnitin and student privacy

There is a growing concern at University of Buffalo regarding the extent to which the use of Turnitin violates student privacy.

KU drops turnitin

U of Kansas has decided not to renew its subscription to turnitin, citing costs:

The university has subscribed to the program for years. But in a recent e-mail, university officials said the subscription would not be renewed after it expired October third because of copyright concerns and the $22,000 cost.

See WE blog for popular response.

Mt St Vincent University bans detection software

The University Senate at MSVU in Nova Scotia has agreed to ban "all plagiarism detection software as of May."

Turnitin prompts debate @ CMU

At a panel discussion, Central Michigan "students and staff raised questions . . . about the university investing nearly $15,000 for a new service to help prevent plagiarism."

UMass subscribes to Turnitin

The University of Massachusetts has decided to subscribe to Turnitin. The subscription will cost $20,000/year. 4,000 schools have subscribed to Turnitin

UCO subscribes to Turnitin

University of Central Oklahoma has decided to subscribe to Turnitin for one year.

Iowa encourages faculty to use Turnitin

The U of Iowa has recently begun to encourage its faculty to use the Turnitin subscription that the university has had for three years.

Cheating on the rise at Penn State

Penn State announced "it found 341 incidents of cheating last year, more than quadruple the total number reported from 1997 to 2001." This increase has prompted the university to acquire a subscription to Turnitin.com.

Barnard opts for Turnitin

Barnard College signs on for a one-year trial subscription to the plagiarism detection service, Turnitin.com.
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