Decrease in cheating @ Duke

A recent survey attributes decrease in cheating to Duke University's honor code, which was introduced in 2003.

The latest figures, gathered last fall from more than 2,000 students and 300 faculty members, show a drop in plagiarism from 38 percent in 2000 to 26 percent last year, while unauthorized collaboration -- students working together when individual work was required -- dropped from 45 percent to 29 percent.


"In recent years, psychology researchers . . . have begun to experiment with the phenomenon of unconscious plagiarism, which they call 'cryptomnesia.'" See Detroit News.

Irish unis unite to fight plagiarism

According to the Sunday Times

Academics from seven [Irish] universities will meet to review the current rules and to consider introducing a tougher standardised system to tackle the problem.

WSU to monitor plagiarism offenders

Weber State University plans to monitor plagiarism cases to identify repeat offenders.

Plagiarism @ Oxford

According to the university's senior proctor, "extensive copying of work would undermine the value of an Oxford degree. . . . Writing in Oxford Magazine, an in-house publication, Professor Grafen blamed schools for creating a culture of work 'cobbled together from the internet'."

This story has been widely and variously picked up by the press. See also The Telegraph, Times of India, Guardian.

'Does plagiarism matter?'

Jonathan Wolff muses on plagiarism in The Guardian.

Increase in cheating @ Oregon attributed to vigilance

At U of Oregon "reported violations of academic dishonesty have increased 184 percent in the past two years, rising from 57 to 162 incidents." This increase is attributed to a wider participation in "the Student Judicial Affairs process."

Plagiarism won't go away in Australia

Plagiarism, especially among fee-paying international students, still a problem for Australian universities.

Alternatives to academic dishonesty

Russell Jacoby considers how the "jargon of choice . . . corrodes academic freedom."

A short history of plagiarism

Stephen Moss provides a short and borrowed overview of plagiarism in The Guardian.

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