Plagiarism @ Sydney Uni

Sydney Uni site of recent plagiarism scandal.

Plagiarism in the UK provides an overview of plagiarism in the UK and provides links to useful resources.

New York Times article on internet plagiarism

The New York Times examines cyberplagiarism. I wanted to see whether the online atmosphere made cheating easier. I was also curious about what exactly these little Internet elves wrote about and if the papers were any good. I bought a couple of book reports, those three-to-five-page papers students write for introductory English classes, from...

Blogs and plagiarism

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard Labs, tracking the flow of information in the blogosphere, have identified how ideas, regularly unattributed, spread between blogs. See the HP Blog Epidemic Analyzer.

Plagiarism plagues Norwegian universities

Cases of plagiarism have increased significantly at Norwegian universities. University officials consider using detection services.

MP3s, plagiarism, and the future of knowledge

Len Ellis considers the phenomenon of plagiarism as an inevitable practice nurtured by the "new knowledge environment."

BBC report on English internet-based cheating and plagiarism

The BBC reports on current English cheating and plagiarism. Prof Bassnett says students get away with internet plagiarism because of lack of resources to monitor cheating, coupled with the increasing workload faced by lecturers and examination markers. "Even though some universities now have software in place to monitor plagiarism, most markings are done anonymously and therefore you don't get to know the students' individual writing styles." She believes the trend is a result of the mass higher education embarked upon by the government. "When you have mass education you no longer have expectation of excellence. "Students nowadays want to push the boundaries. Universities are becoming degree-producing factories." (via Edupage)

Leading open archive troubled by plagiarism problem

ArXiv, a leading open archive for science papers, has discovered that some documents it holds contain plagiarized material. The site's manager has withdrawn 22 documents so far.

Plagiarism: Guide to Resources

Patience Simmonds has published a selected guide to "Plagiarism and Cyber-Plagiarism."

Rutgers study: e-plagiarism on the rise

Stephen Downes comments on an eplagiarism article: Thirty-eight percent of undergraduates say they engaged in one or more instances of cut-and-paste plagiarism in the past year by either paraphrasing or copying a few sentences of material off the Internet without citing the source. That is up 10 percent over a similar study conducted two years ago.
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