Intellectual Property

Turnitin & copyright

In an article in Texas Tech's student paper, a law student questions the legality of Turnitin's practice of acquring for free and storing entire student essays.

Mt St Vincent University bans detection software

The University Senate at MSVU in Nova Scotia has agreed to ban "all plagiarism detection software as of May."

Dissertation plagiarized, perp punished

The Chronicle describes a dissertation's wholesale plagiarizing, and its detection and punishment.

To Turnitin or not to Turnitin

Minnesota State University at Moorehead has subscribed to Turnitin. This decision has raised serious questions by students concerned about the services's potential abuse of their intellectual property rights.

Turnitin official sets the record straight

In a letter to the editor of the Brock University newspaper, Patrick Runkle, editor at Turnitin, defends the detection service against allegations that it violates intellectual property law.

Australian students seek compensation from Turnitin

In response to Melbourne University's plan to introduce Turnitin, students have demanded compensation the commercial use of their intellectual property.

NCSU doesn't renew with Turnitin

North Carolina State University has not renewed its subscription to Turnitin because of "national concerns about the ethics of the program."

Maine Colleges Respond to Plagiarism

Maine Public Broadcasting* reports on measures taken by the University of Maine and Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin colleges to address the issue of student plagiarism. (*Requires Windows Media Player)

Plagiarism and Instruction

A student at McGill University, who refused to submit an essay for screening by Turnitin, has raised serious pedagogical, ethical, and legal challenges to using the Calilfornia-based service. The head of McGill's English Department, John Cook, has suggested that Turnitin is simply part of a larger problem facing universities -- the tendency to emphasize evaluation at the expense of instruction.
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