"Bruin Success with Less Stress"

UCLA has launched an Online Information Literacy Tutorial that provides students with guidance in such matters as intellectual property, file sharing, documenting sources, and academic honesty.

Information literacy and plagiarism

In Wallingford, Connecticut, grade school and middle school librarians emphasize information literacy. As part of their efforts, they are developing an academic honesty policy to address the problem of plagiarism.

CBB Events

"Engaging Plagiarism: Theory and Practice," @ Bowdoin College, 5 March 2004 "Information Ethics & Academic Honesty," @ Colby College, 15 Oct. 2003

President of university accused of plagiarism

The president of Central Connecticut State University has been accused of plagiarism.

Chicago HS's sign up for Turnitin

According to the Daily Herald, several Chicago area high schools have subscribed to Turnitin: the article provides a brief history of the online detection service.

Detection and instruction

University of Arizona combines Turnitin and information literacy initiatives to reduce student plagiarism.

Name and shame

South African universities toughen stance on plagiarism.

Blogs and plagiarism

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard Labs, tracking the flow of information in the blogosphere, have identified how ideas, regularly unattributed, spread between blogs. See the HP Blog Epidemic Analyzer.

Fighting plagiarism

The Christian Science Monitor reviews in brief the options available to counter student plagiarism: detection, ethics, and re-designing assignments.

Tutorial: Avoiding plagiarism

Lewis & Clark College has prepared a tutorial on "Avoiding Plagiarism."