Richard Posner publishes The Little Book of Plagiarism

Richard A. Posner's The Little Book of Plagiarism (Random House, 2007) surveys the legal, ethical and practical issues involving "literary theft."

SJSU Plagiarism

San Jose State Uni has produced a tutorial and quiz to discourage undergraduate plagiarism.

York University: Academic Integrity Tutorial

York University has designed an academic integrity tutorial that helps students understand "plagiarism and related matters with case examples and positive strategies."

Avoiding Plagiarism: A tutorial

This plagiarism tutorial developed by Duke University's Libraries includes sections on how and what to cite.

"Bruin Success with Less Stress"

UCLA has launched an Online Information Literacy Tutorial that provides students with guidance in such matters as intellectual property, file sharing, documenting sources, and academic honesty.

Tutorial: Avoiding plagiarism

Lewis & Clark College has prepared a tutorial on "Avoiding Plagiarism."

MLA Style (4th ed) bibliography builder

Dennis Jerz has made freely available an MLA Style bibliography generator.

Bibliography builder

Bibliography Builder generates bibliographical entries in either Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date) or IEEE Style.

Interactive tutorials

The Engineering Communication Centre at the University of Toronto has produced a pair of single example interactive tutorials. The Plagiarism Self-Test tests your ability to recongize plagiarism, and Documentation: Why? introduces students to the academic practice of documentation.

What is plagiarism?

We've gathered together a number of resources to help faculty and students alike get their bearings on the subject in general and this resource site in particular.


We've produced a basic primer on academic honesty and plagiarism. This is a good place to begin to understand what exactly is meant by plagiarism and what kinds of practices, intentional or inadvertent, constitute it.


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