For Your Studying Japanese!!
  • Kanji Jiten #1/ Kanji jiten:Gahoh - - kanji dictioary only
  • Denshi-jisho Online / Rakuten multi jisho- - words & kanji dictionary
  • Yahoo-jisho /Eiwa-waei jiten- - words dictionary only
  • Kanji Bushu code /Kanji Bush Jiten - - kanji radicals & strokes charts only
  • Japanese-English, English-Japanese Dictionary (in Eng)
  • Japanese-English, English-Japanese Dictionary (in JPN)
  • Translation from JPN to Eng. (NOT reliable, but helpful)
  • Translation from Eng. to JPN (NOT reliable, but helpful)
  • Particles
  • Basic Verb Conjugation for your quick reference
  • Verb Conjugation (potential/ passive/ causative/ causative+passive/ honorific)
  • Basic Adjective Conjugation
  • Ko-So-A-Do words Chart
  • Basic Grammar Summary
  • Kanji used as a Prefix and a Suffix
  • Checking points for your composition
  • Conjunctive expressions you can use for your composition
  • Drills by Prof. Prindle at Colby College
  • Grammartical explanations (particles) by Prof. Prindle
  • AutoGloss/J (You can make a list of vocabulary words from a JPN reading material.)
  • Rikai or Reading Tutor (You can read an article, translating into Eng./JPN.)
  • Test for your JPN vocabulary words
  • Manga (Japanese comics with English translation)
  • Onomatopoeia(Japanese -- English)
  • Keiko Schneider's Saboten Web (There are hundreds of information including teaching-job hunting.)
  • Currency converter
  • Unit market (other converter)
  • Japanese Proficiency Test

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