How to create online questionnaires without learning HTML

If you are a Bates student, faculty or staff member, you may use this method to create an online questionnaire without learning any HTML. (Even if you know HTML, this method will probably be easier and faster.)  Using this procedure, you can create a website which allows others to respond to your questions. The answers to these questions will be stored in a text data file which can then be imported into Excel or SPSS for analysis.

I have created an Excel spreadsheet which automates the steps for creating a customized questionnaire.  You choose what text should be associated with a given question and choose from a variety of question formats (multiple choice, short answer, essay, Likert scales, etc.)  Once you have defined all of the questions of your questionnaire, as well as a few other options, the spreadsheet will generate a series of webpages that you can post online.  The following instructions will walk you through the process step-by-step. 

NOTE: This spreadsheet has been tested only on Windows. You should not use this spreadsheet on a Macintosh.  If you do, you may run into uncorrectable problems and need to start over on a Windows PC.  The final online survey will work with any operating system, however.

If you like, you may download the entire text of this website in a PDF file for easy printing.

LATEST SPREADSHEET VERSION: 2.6.  (Check the Basic Settings tab for version number.)


I have made every effort to simplify this process, but there are still several places where misunderstandings arise.  Here is the basic overview of the process of creating a survey and publishing it online.  The steps of this website provide more specific instructions.

Please read the entire documentation as you create your survey.  It contains important details and instructions necessary to get your survey working properly.

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