Step 3: Basic Settings Tab

Macro Test button: Press the button labeled "Macro Test" at the top of the page in order to see whether you have configured macros properly.  It is essential that your macros are enabled before you make any changes to the spreadsheet.  If you do not pass the test, see Step 1 for instructions on how to configure your macros.

There are three pieces of required information that you must provide on the Basic Settings tab:

1. Bates User Name: your Bates e-mail ID (without the

2. Survey Name: The Survey Name will be used as the file name and directory name of your survey, so it cannot contain spaces or other special characters that are unacceptable for Windows file name.  Remember this name as it will be used frequently when you are getting your files online.  (See Steps 10 and 11 for details.)  Your Survey Name will also be a component of your website address, so be careful about revealing information about the intent of your study or creating a complicated address that could easily be mistyped or misspelled.

3. Web Page Title: The title will be the text that appears in the top of the browser window when your page is viewed online.

In addition to these required fields, there are three options that you can select on this tab.

1. Elapsed Time Tracking  Enabling this option will add an additional variable to your results reporting the time, in seconds, that each participant viewed your question page.  The time tracking begins when the page is loaded and ends when they press the button at the bottom of the page to submit their answers.  If you have a multi-page survey, each page will be tracked separately and a variable for each page will be added to your results file.

2. Random Assignment: This will allow you to create multiple questionnaires.  Each user will be randomly directed to one of the questionnaires after they have read the consent page.  Selecting this checkbox will enable the "Additional Settings" tab.  See the instructions for this tab for more details about random assignment.

3. Participation Credit Survey: If you are conducting an online survey as part of your psychology thesis or independent study, your project may be eligible for participation credit.  Approved projects reward that experiment's participants with extra credit in some psychology classes (such as Psyc101).  By selecting this option, the Thank You page of your survey will contain a link to the department's credit management system (a google docs form).  When you select the participation credit checkbox, there are two pieces of information that you must provide: a codeword and the experiment number that your project has been assigned by the psychology department. You will be given both of these when your project is approved. Note that you must have your experiment approved by the psychology department before enabling a participation credit survey.  Click here to apply for an experiment number.

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