Step 2: Spreadsheet Overview

A simple web survey consists of three pages: a consent page, a questionnaire page, and a 'thank you' page. All three will be defined and created for you by this spreadsheet. Multipage questionnaires are not supported. All of your questions must be presented on a single webpage.

Looking at the spreadsheet in Excel, you will notice that there are several colored tabs in the lower left corner of the application. Read the following instructions for specifics on each tab, but generally you can create your survey by proceeding left to right through all the tabs.

As you are entering information into the spreadsheet, you may experience odd behavior if you use some special characters, particularly at the beginning of a cell. The equal sign (=) is especially bad, since it has a special meaning in Excel. If you experience odd behavior in a cell, try to remove any non-alphanumeric characters to see if that corrects the problem.

You can copy and paste text from other applications, but do not use the Paste menu or shortcut key (ctrl-v). Please click on the "Paste Text From Clipboard" button instead. Otherwise, your data may be unreadable. You cannot paste into more than one cell at a time.

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