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The Watermark Initiative

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Subject Date From
Data standards 09/26/96 David L. Gants
SGML Project 09/25/96 David L. Gants
Hotel Roanoke non-800 number 08/27/96 Dan Mosser
Re: The Conference WWW site 08/20/96 Dan Mosser
The Conference WWW site 08/20/96 Brett Charbeneau
Those mysterious messages 08/15/96 Dan Mosser
Re: 08/14/96 Ernest Sullivan
Re: your mail 07/30/96 Peter Kidd
Our discussion list for watermarks and such 07/29/96 Jim May
No Subject 07/29/96 M. Axton
Re: Conference Program 07/29/96 Elyse Murphy
Re: Conference Program 07/29/96 Jeffrey Barr
Re: Conference Program 07/29/96 M. Axton
Conference Program 07/10/96 Dan Mosser

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The Watermark Initiative was created by

Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College and

James Hart
Information Services, Bates College Lewiston, Maine, 04240