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Our discussion list for watermarks and such

In effect, it seems that we're connected the way folks are who've subscribed to
 bulletin boards and discussion lists and so we could among ourselves begin the
 conference before we leave home for it, as, for example, by asking questions
 of our colleagues.  I'm looking forward to the conference as an opportunity
to learn things from those closing examining paper--things about who was making
 paper with certain WMs or what sort of WMs are appearing in what sort of 18C
 books and printed in what regions.  My own tiny window on this arises from
 editing Smollett's histories of England (1757-1765, London) and writing a
 descriptive bibliography of Edward Young (1863-1765).  I've not handled that
many different books but I've handled almost all the extant copies of a few
 dozen.  Young was popular enough between 1715-1775 to have been reprinted of-
 ten in Ireland, England, Scotland, and North America.  Still, I've a very
 limited window.

 I would add for anyone new to e-mail, that messages to the conference chair
 need to be sent with the function key in your system that sends only to the
 sender of the list.  Or so I suppose is at least worth a try.  I look forward
to our discussions.  Jim May (English, Penn State, DuBois, PA 15801; JEM4@

The Watermark Initiative was created by

Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College and

James Hart
Information Services, Bates College Lewiston, Maine, 04240