UGA Revises its Honor Code

University of Georgia's revised honor code has benefited students as well as faculty. Under the new code, "first-time violators have a moderated talk" with their professors to work out an appropriate "punishment."

NCSU doesn't renew with Turnitin

North Carolina State University has not renewed its subscription to Turnitin because of "national concerns about the ethics of the program."


University of Alberta has created a campaign on Academic Honesty, called Truth*in*Education. It's an education program that aims to inform students of the "consequences of inappropriate academic behavior."

Maine Colleges Respond to Plagiarism

Maine Public Broadcasting* reports on measures taken by the University of Maine and Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin colleges to address the issue of student plagiarism. (*Requires Windows Media Player)

Engaging Plagiarism: Theory and Practice

Bowdoin College
5 March 2004


09.30 am - 10.00am: Coffee and Registration, Lancaster Lounge, Moulton Union

10.00 - 10.15: Welcome, Judy Montgomery, Bowdoin College, and Introduction, Michael Hanrahan, Bates College

10.15 - 11.30: Part One: "Definitions and Epistemologies of Plagiarism," Rebecca Moore Howard, Syracuse university

11.30 - 11.45: Break

12.00 - 01.00: Part Two: "The Promise of Plagiarism: Impetus for Change," Chris Anson, North Carolina State University. ppt file | html version

University Lecturer accused of plagiarism

A student at the University of South Australia has accused a lecturer of plagiarism. The student and a retired academic allege that a required textbook, Understanding the Information Economy, assigned by the lecturer contains extensively plagiarized materials from Internet sources, journal articles, and books.

McGill Reverses Decision

from Slashdot (with extensive commentary) to CNN to the London Free Press to IT Business to The Journal of Queen's University. The

Seattle University rewrites its Academic Honesty Policy

In response to cyberplagiarism and new forms of cheating (eg, using PDA's during a test), Seattle University has re-written and updated its Academic Honesty Policy.

Ryerson extends its definition of plagiarism

Ryerson University has extended its definition of plagiarism to prevent students from relying on professional proof-reading services. Ryerson recently amended its plagiarism statement to include: "presenting another's substantial compositional changes to an assignment as your own."

Interview with Louis Bloomfield

Louis A. Bloomfield, the physics professor at the University of Virginia who was at the center of Virginia's notorious plagiarism scandal in 2001, gives a thoughtful interview in The Richmond Times-Dispatch.