Doris Kearns Goodwin Revisited

A group of noted historians published a letter in The New York Times protesting the newspaper's association of Goodwin with well-known cheats, like Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski, in an article "Are More People Cheating?" (Arts & Ideas, Oct. 4),

BBC report on English internet-based cheating and plagiarism

The BBC reports on current English cheating and plagiarism. Prof Bassnett says students get away with internet plagiarism because of lack of resources to monitor cheating, coupled with the increasing workload faced by lecturers and examination markers. "Even though some universities now have software in place to monitor plagiarism, most markings are done anonymously and therefore you don't get to know the students' individual writing styles." She believes the trend is a result of the mass higher education embarked upon by the government. "When you have mass education you no longer have expectation of excellence. "Students nowadays want to push the boundaries. Universities are becoming degree-producing factories." (via Edupage)

Plagiarism of Open-Source Code

The developer of the JBoss open-source application server has accused the Apache open-source group of plagiarism. JBoss contends that portions of Apache's Geronimo program is identical to JBoss program source code.

Leading open archive troubled by plagiarism problem

ArXiv, a leading open archive for science papers, has discovered that some documents it holds contain plagiarized material. The site's manager has withdrawn 22 documents so far.

University of Montana Opts for Turnitin

The University of Montana has decided to purchase a subscription to Turnitin in an effort to discourage student plagiarism.

NPR: How Not to Be a Radio Plagiarist

NPR's ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin, has published a short article entitled "How Not to Be a Radio Plagiarist". He distinguishes the unique requirements of radio for integrity in authoring, and offers a set of practical guidelines.

Style Guides


The ACS Style Guide: A Manual for Authors and Editors, 2nd ed. American Chemical Society, 1997.

The American Chemical Society offers this book "to guide and answer questions for authors and editors, to save them time, and to ensure clarity and consistency."

ACS Reference Style Guide. (American Chemical Society)

An online guide to the ACS style of citation.

Information Ethics and Academic Honesty

Colby College
15 October 2003


9.15 - 09.30: Registration. Pugh Center Foyer, Cotter Union 9.30 - 09.45: Introduction, Pugh Center Atrium, Cotter Union

"Welcome and Opening Remarks," Edward H. Yeterian, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Colby College

"CBB Plagiarism Project," Michael Hanrahan, Bates College

9.45 - 10.45: Plenary Address, Pugh Center Atrium, Cotter Union

"Is it a new day for honor codes?," Gary Pavela, Director of Judicial Programs, University of Maryland-College Park.

10.45 - 11.00: Coffee, Philson Lounge, Cotter Union 11.00 - 12.30: Session 1, Pugh Center Atrium, Cotter Union

Moderator: Thomas Hayward, Bates College

Plagiarism Detection Stalls in Australia

Australian IT reports that privacy and copyright issues have derailed attempts on the part of Australian universities to create plagiarism detection programs.

Lehigh University turns to Turnitin

Lehigh's student newspaper reports that "the university is in the process of adopting a new policy to combat the problem of plagiarism on campus." Starting this semester, instructors can use the university's subscription to Turnitin to help identify plagiarists.