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Training Routes

On this page is a chart of many of the routes we do, though there is much to explore in Lewiston and Auburn outside of these set routes. We often run in Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary, which is about a mile away from campus and offers several miles of wooded trails. During cross country season we frequently drive to Pineland Farms in New Gloucester for workouts and long runs. Pineland has about 25 kilometers of professionally maintained trails, with both challenging and smooth terrain in a scenic setting.

Click on any of the runs for more information. The distances listed are measurements from mapmyrun.com, and, in the case of longer runs especially, may be off by one or two tenths of a mile. When multiple distances are listed, it is because of alternate routes, which are clarified on the runs' separate pages.

Run Milage
Chump 1.8
JV 2.94
Bridges 4.5/5.31
Rachel 4.64/5.14
Varsity 4.85/5.15
Mid-River 6-6.3
Suzanne 6.35
Webster 6.61
River 6.74-7.1
Spill ~6.85
Cemetery 8-8.3
Bloody 8.8-9.3
River/Bridges 9.24/10.05
Merrill 9.67/8.85
Merrill/River 10.4
Farm 10.62
Old Green 11.08-12.11
Merrill/River/Bridges 13/13.81
Old Yellow 13.35
Lake 15.52
Hatch Hill 16.25


This website is the unofficial team run page for the Bates College Men's Cross Country team. It is maintained by Peter Gurney '11, if you have any questions or complaints, please e-mail them to pgurney@bates.edu.