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  Old Greene

During track season, Old Greene is a Sunday morning staple for many members of the team. A few miles in there are some tough hills, after which it feels like you're out in the middle of nowhere if you're unfamiliar with the area. It's pretty sweet. Joe once attempted to join Scout and Sweetums on their weekly jaunt on this route, but got frustrated with the slow pace early on and took off, only to realize he was running too fast, and, once out of sight, turned off and did varsity instead.

If one finishes the run as displayed below, like the end of Bloody, it is 11.96 miles, but if one stays on Old Greene road instead of turning on to Pond road, it is 11.08. If one, instead of cutting behind the elementary school, goes around on Montello street, then 0.18 mile is added on.

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