Anti-plagiarism measures at Nebraska

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, has instituted several measures to counter plagiarism among students: including courses on library research and on accidental plagiarism. They will also soon pilot SafeAssignment, the plagiarism detection tool now available through BlackBoard.

Faculty plagiarism on the rise?

The CS Monitor considers the recent spat of high profile plagiarism cases among faculty: In recent years, students have been heavily prepped on the perils of plagiarism. But it turns out their teachers, in some cases, have been more lax.

Leading US federal judges blog on plagiarism

Richard Posner, a leading American federal judge and legal thinker, recently blogged some considerations on plagiarism. Recent "scandals" involving charges of plagiarism by professors and other writers treat plagiarism as (1) a well-defined concept that (2) is unequivocally deserving of condemnation. It is neither.

What is plagiarism?

A forthcoming article in Harper's Magazine concludes that the book, E. E. Cummings: A Biography, is plagued by plagiarism. The NY Times reports: the author "is quoted in the Harper's article as saying that he 'obviously missed some places that should have been documented' but that he 'didn't do it consciously.' Responding to a query from a reporter, he called the charge of plagiarism 'inaccurate and unfair.'" The Boston Globe reports: '''But while I clearly missed a few citations,' Sawyer-Laucanno said, ''I am not willing to admit to plagiarism.'"

Academic dishonesty on the rise @ Florida

At the University of Florida, "The number of reported academic honesty cases approximately doubled last academic year compared to the two years prior."

eBay as paper mill

A scholar at Glamorgan University has recently identified a new trend in plagiarism -- students turning to auction sites to buy papers.

Cheating @ Syracuse

Results of a recent survey of academic dishonesty at Syracuse University are "on par with national averages:" Seventy-four percent of undergraduates say they have committed at least one of the 20 forms of cheating listed on the survey, ranging from falsifying a bibliography to cheating over the shoulder of a classmate during a test. . . . One in three faculty members surveyed said they have ignored an instance of suspected cheating in their classes.

Plagiarism thread

A discussion of plagiarism appears at MetaFilter.

Plagiarism @ Sydney Uni

Sydney Uni site of recent plagiarism scandal.

Survey of plagiarism in the UK has summarized the results of their survey of plagiarism in British HE. The survey was "built with the assistance of the JISC's Plagiarism Advisory Service and the Centre for Academic Integrity."