Turnitin - Universities

Massey University (NZ) embraces Turnitin

Computerworld contains a balanced report on academic plagiarism and Massey's response to it.

Detection and instruction

University of Arizona combines Turnitin and information literacy initiatives to reduce student plagiarism.

NCSU doesn't renew with Turnitin

North Carolina State University has not renewed its subscription to Turnitin because of "national concerns about the ethics of the program."

Maine Colleges Respond to Plagiarism

Maine Public Broadcasting* reports on measures taken by the University of Maine and Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin colleges to address the issue of student plagiarism. (*Requires Windows Media Player)

Turnitin with a twist

Like many universities,Indiana University is currently testing Turnitin. One unusual proposal, however, has surfaced during faculty discussion of the intellectual property rights issue that attends the deployment of Turnitin on campus: faculty at IU are considering the option of allowing students to submit their own essays directly to the plagiarism detection tool. One advocate of the idea suggests that such a practice will educate them about the issue of plagiarism

University of Montana Opts for Turnitin

The University of Montana has decided to purchase a subscription to Turnitin in an effort to discourage student plagiarism.

Lehigh University turns to Turnitin

Lehigh's student newspaper reports that "the university is in the process of adopting a new policy to combat the problem of plagiarism on campus." Starting this semester, instructors can use the university's subscription to Turnitin to help identify plagiarists.
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