Plagiarism in the UK provides an overview of plagiarism in the UK and provides links to useful resources.

JISC publishes plagiarism guidelines

The Joint Information Systems Committee has published guidelines on plagiarism and have sent the document, "Deterring, Detecting and Dealing with Student Plagiarism," to all UK universities and HE colleges.

Plagiarism on the rise at UMiss

The Daily Mississippian reports that "according to an open letter submitted by the Academic Discipline Committee to Provost Carolyn Staton, cases of plagiarism have increased in recent semesters."

Originality, Imitation & Plagiarism: National Conference

The Sweetland Writing Center at UMich will hold a national conference to explore the inter-related issues of originality, imitation and plagiarism for students, scholars, professional writers, and readers. Call for Papers

Plagiarism on the rise @ UW

Reported cases of plagiarism have practically doubled at the University of Washington. "'In 2002 there were 35 reported cases; last year there were 66,' said Amanda Myhre, the administrative assistant to the vice president for student affairs." The article, reported in the UW Daily, goes on to confuse plagiarism with other forms of academic dishonesty: "More than 75 percent of college students admit to having cheated at least once on tests or having copied papers, according to the Center for Academic Integrity's Web site." Increasingly, reports on plagiarism confuse it with other forms of academic dishonesty.

Plagiarism and copyright revisited

Robert Carson Godbey succinctly distinguishes between plagiarism and copyright infringement. The two concepts are increasingly becoming confused.

SafeAssignment and Blackboard

SafeAssignment, a plagiarism detection technology, works as a plug-in in conjunction with BlackBoard. Eastern Kentucky and Northwestern use the detection software from within Blackboard.

Stanford's anti-plagiarism efforts

The Stanford Daily discusses campus-wide efforts to combat and discourage student plagiarism.

Chronicle finds four not-so-well-known plagiarists

The Chronicle offers an article on four plagiarizing professors, who aren't well-known or notorious. The point is to suggest that research plagiarism is widespread. "It's like cockroaches," says Peter Charles Hoffer, a University of Georgia historian and author of a recent book about academic fraud. "For every one you see on the kitchen floor, there are a hundred behind the stove."

"Taking plagiarism seriously"

A recent editorial in the Boise State newspaper suggests that careful and conscientious citation of sources is the best way to avoid plagiarism.