Turnitin prompts debate @ CMU

At a panel discussion, Central Michigan "students and staff raised questions . . . about the university investing nearly $15,000 for a new service to help prevent plagiarism."

UMass subscribes to Turnitin

The University of Massachusetts has decided to subscribe to Turnitin. The subscription will cost $20,000/year. 4,000 schools have subscribed to Turnitin

Self plagiarism

The Daily Nebraskan discusses student-faculty disagreement over self-plagiarism.

Kearns Goodwin redux

Doris Kearns Goodwin's forthcoming book provides an occasion for Boston Globe columnist to revisit her story.

Taking on plagiarism

In Slate an NYU journalism professor describes how he combats student plagiarism.

Academic dishonesty in Korea

"'The most serious problem in our society is a lack of awareness among school authorities of academic dishonesty,’' Oh Young-hee, a psychology professor at Duksung Women’s University in northern Seoul, said in an interview with The Korea Times."

Conceptual plagiarism

A sociology professor at University of Pennsylvania"has accused one of his colleagues of committing 'conceptual plagiarism' in a scandal that has enveloped the department and generated buzz at universities across the country."

Plagiarism in science

NYU School of Medecine has announced a conference dedicated to Plagiarism in Science (October 1, 2005)

Academic integrity @ UConn

A subcommittee of the University of Connecticut's Scholastic Standards Committee (SSC) recently proposed "measures to take against plagiarism", including "10 recommendations for how to deal with this growing issue."

Among the 10 recommendations was the adoption of a student pledge as part of the student code, in which students would accept accountability for acts of plagiarism and cheating. Along these same lines, students would be expected to "sign off" on each assignment that they handed in to be graded. As part of each exam or assignment, students will be required to sign a statement declaring that they did not plagiarize in completing that assignment.

Violations of the Honor Code @ Notre Dame

Vice president and associate provost Dennis Jacobs, co-chair of the University Code of Honor Committee, notes that "The vast majority of students found responsible for Honor Code violations at Notre Dameare first-year students or sophomores." According to Thomas Flint, Faculty Honor Code Officer "about 150 students over the past three years were caught for violating the Honor Code, with less than half of these students found guilty of a major violation." Half of the Honor Code violations involved plagiarism.