Plagiarism numbers consistent @ MIT

Contrary to most accounts of student plagiarism, MIT reports that cases of academic dishonesty on campus have remained consistent over the years.

Men cheat more than women?

A recent survey conducted by the University of Arizona suggests men cheat more than women.

Teach how not to plagiarize

The History Department at Howard University emphasizes instruction in its approach to student plagiarism.

Plagiarism software could hamper communication

Business communication director suggests that the commercial use of plagiarism detection software would create obstacles for businesses because of the software's unreliability.

Academic Dishonesty @ UC Davis

The student newspaper at UC Davis has published the most recent tally of student referrals for suspected academic dishonesty. The article also reviews the Davis's judicial process for handling such cases.

Morris vs. Brandeis

The Appeals Court of Massachussetts dismissed a lawsuit against Brandeis that dates from a 1997 student plagiarism incident. The suit alleged among other things that Brandeis followed "an unfair administrative system" in handling plagiarism cases.

Plagiarism as "self-teaching"

British education official suggests that some types of plagiarism are a form of "self-teaching."

Plagiarism in British HE

Sociology professor, Frank Furedi, discusses the significance of plagiarism to British HE.

New Hampshire prof disciplined for plagiarism

A University of New Hampshire professor has been found guilty of "scholarly misconduct" for not acknowledging a source in a newspaper column,

Plagiarism down under

Plagiarism plagues Queensland's state universities
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