Turnitin: An "American absurdity"?

Alexander Berezin dismisses Turnitin as a typically American newfangled gimmick in an opinion letter in the CAUT Online.

The Student Assessment Handbook (2004)

Lee Dunn, Chris Morgan, Sharon Parry, and Meg O'Reilly, in The Student Assessment Handbook: New Directions in Traditional and Online Assessment (Routledge Falmer, 2004), include a discussion of plagiarism. For a brief notice, see

"Plague of plagiarism" revisited

The Globe and Mail reviews the problem of student plagiarism and cites two largely overlooked points: plagiarism detection services are pursued as cost effective alternatives to hiring more teachers or teaching assistants; and plagiarism is an outgrowth of the increasing tendency to view education as a service industry.

To Turnitin or not to Turnitin

Minnesota State University at Moorehead has subscribed to Turnitin. This decision has raised serious questions by students concerned about the services's potential abuse of their intellectual property rights.

Journalism & Plagiarism

The Christian Science Monitor reviews the impact of plagiarism on professional journalism.

Tenured professor center of plagiarism investigation

A tenured math professor at Penn State, Wilkes Barre, disputes university allegations that he plagiarized. Professor Mohamad Nouri has set up a website to defend himself against the accusations.

UCLA opts for Turnitin

UCLA has recently obtained a campus license for Turnitin.

Plagiarism software could hamper communication

Business communication director suggests that the commercial use of plagiarism detection software would create obstacles for businesses because of the software's unreliability.

iParadigms finds a new niche

iParadigms, best known for their plagiarism detection service, expands into the business world.

Turnitin official sets the record straight

In a letter to the editor of the Brock University newspaper, Patrick Runkle, editor at Turnitin, defends the detection service against allegations that it violates intellectual property law.
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