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Watermark query: shields

Dear watermarkers,

Is anyone able to identify the attached mark?
It's in one quire of an English west-country 
15th-century MS which otherwise bears marks 
familiar in 15th-century English documents.

I cannot find it in the usual sources (Briquet,
Zonghi, Heawood, Shorter) or any of the volumes 
of Monumenta chartae which we have.

It might be in Fenn's _Paston Letters_ but we 
don't have that; nor do we have the relevant 
volume --_Archaeologia_ 12 (1796)--containing
Denne's list of watermarks in English documents.
It might be in Sotheby's tracings in the British 
Library, but I shall not be able to get to London 
for some months, having stupidly broken a foot.

The drawing is merely from memory, and is not to 
scale, but the general type should be recognisable.
The drawing is done in Word, so should open OK
for many of you. 

Any suggestions will be gratefully received and formally 
acknowledged in due course.


Avril Henry
University of Exeter

  e-mail: A.K.Henry@exeter.ac.uk
     tel: 01392 264252
     fax: +44 1392 264361
   snail: Professor Avril Henry, School of English & American Studies,
          Queen's Building, Queen's Drive, University of Exeter,
          EXETER, UK, EX4 4QH


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