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an enquiry

I would like to ask subscribers if they are familiar with two watermarks we
have recently come across.

The first is possibly a 20th century w/m containing the letters
'M B M' and the word 'PORTFOLIO'. This w/m was found on a good etched copy
of a Rembrandt etching.

The second has been found on a rather large sheet (22.0 x 29.8 cm). The
work is also a Rembrandt, but probably posthumous. The sheet contains two
w/m's, each of similar design but facing away from each other. The w/m is a
small shield (40mm high, 41mm wide) with 'PARIS' written in it and possibly
a date which could be '1680'. The w/m's are centred between the same two
chain lines but 151mm apart. I would be interested to know if anyone has
come across this watermark and could give me any information about it. Who
made this paper, where and when and anything else about its use. I would
also be interested in any information about multiple similar w/m's- are
they characteristic of a time, place, quality, size or use?

Many thanks
Cobus van Breda

Conservation Department
National Gallery of Victoria
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