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Continuing Research

Dear All,
Thank you very much to all those who answered my last query. The
information was most helpful. Subsequent to those mailings, I have
decided to record the watermarks by hand tracing, as no specialist
equipment will have to be purchased. However, before I embark on
recording watermarks in this manner, I have a few further queries.

1) Would it be possible to provide me with information on the use
of a digital camera to record watermarks? For example, what
equipment is needed? How does the digital camera work?

2) It has been recommended that I record chain spaces and
wirelines, along with the watermark; how should that be done?
Can they be recorded seperately, or should they be recorded in
their postion on the watermark?

3) How well can hand tracings be converted into digital form? I
have access to a Hewlett Packard Scan Jet IIc/ADF, which can scan
images and translate them into digital form.

4) What standards should I be working to?

5) Is there any literature (in English) which details the design
and excution of watermarks survey? I have a few references, but
wondered if there were more.

Thank you in advance for your help. It is greatly appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you all.
 Yours faithfully,
       Lorraine Finch.

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