Welsh scholar identifies causes of plagiarism

In response to encounters with widespread plagiarism, Dr Mike Reddy, University of Glamorgan's Centre for Astronomy and Science Education, sought the causes of the problem. The pressure of heavy workloads appears to be a root problem.

Academic dishonesty and the federal civil service

Senator Sue Collins of Maine has initiated a GAO review of the academic credentials of employees in various federal agencies.

Honor violations on the rise @ Duke

Duke's Office of the Dean of Students has handled an increase in the number of academic integrity violations this spring. "This spike comes at the end of the University's first full academic year under the newly-implemented Duke Community Standard. The refurbished honor code emphasizes peer responsibility for reporting instances of dishonesty, the opportunity for faculty-student resolution of violations and greater flexibility in sanctions."

Academic misconduct on rise at UCSB

The Internet is blamed for the increase in academic misconduct cases at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Student sues university

A student who admits plagiarising throughout his three-year degree in English is suing the University of Kent. He claims "the university failed to give proper guidance on acceptable research techniques."

"Plagiarism, Copyright, Academia and Commerce"

Charles Cronin's paper, "Plagiarism, Copyright, Academia and Commerce," [PDF version] is now available. The paper was presented at the October CBB conference, "Information Ethics & Academic Honesty."

JISC's inaugural conference on plagiarism

The conference, "Plagiarism, Prevention, Practice and Policy," 28-30 June 2004, St. James Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is dedicated to exploring "innovative practice in dealing with the complex issues surrounding plagiarism."

Plagiarism Prevention Software

Uniting Networks Incorporated (UNI) has announced that it's developed a software program, PowerResearcher, that prevents rather than detects plagiarism.

"Plagiarism Epidemics, Media Epidemics"

Rebecca Moore Howard's seminar presentation, "Plagiarism Epidemics, Media Epidemics," is now available.