CBB in the news

Thomas S. Dee and Brian A. Jacobs publish an article, "Rational Ignorance In Education: A Field Experiment In Student Plagiarism," in NBER Working Paper Series. Dee and Jacobs used the CBB self-test in their experiment with plagiarism. (January 2010)

PhysOrg, "No cheating: Study finds plagiarism reduced by tutorial intervention," reports on Dee and Jacob's use of CBB self-test. (February 2010)

Freakonomics:blogs Dee and Jacob's essay. (February 2010)

Campus Technology publishes an article, "Plagiarism Deterred Through Information, Not Threats," on Dee and Jacob's essay. (February 2010)

Inside Higher Education publishes an article, "Plagiarism Prevention without Fear", on Dee and Jacob's essay. (Jan 2010)

Student Plagiarism in an Online World, ed. Tim Roberts, includes a chapter ("Plagiarism, Instruction, Blogs") on the Project. (2007)

Transformations: Liberal Arts in the Digital Ages, includes an article ("Revisiting Plagiarism") on the CBB Project. (2005)

Kairosnews blogs CBB Plagiarism Project. (7 March 2004)

The NITLE News cites the CBB plagiarism project as an effective example of RSS in Education. (February 2004)

Maine Public Broadcasting interviews Andrei Strukov, University of Maine, Orono, and Michael Hanrahan, Bates College, about their respective institutional approaches to plagiarism. (29 January 2004)