Plagiarism Prevention Software

Uniting Networks Incorporated (UNI) has announced that it's developed a software program, PowerResearcher, that prevents rather than detects plagiarism.

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PowerResearcher and student privacy

South African universities reluctant to go with PowerResearcher due to privacy issues.

PowerReseracher and privacy

PowerResearcher is no more invasive than detection services. Contrary to reports, PowerResearcher does NOT record every keystroke nor every site you visit. It merely logs the URL, with date and time stamp, of any site from which you copy and paste into your paper, since you will have to site your sources anyway, if you have any academic integrity. Stephan Botes Global Executive Management Ltd. Bermuda

PowerResearcher explained

Institutions seeking to preserve academic integrity have been left with few options; education, prevention and detection. Detection services though, are limited to only those private and journal databases on the deep web they may have access to, and the public web. Except the public web is less then 1% the size of the of the deep web, which is almost 450 times larger. And even if you do detect suspected plagiarism, how do you determine the intent of the plagiarist, intentional or not? PowerResearcher, a powerful Research Process Automation tool, is a desktop application that not only improves the speed and quality of research, making writing, citing, bibliography, publishing and sharing easier, it integrates it all into one single interface. It prevents plagiarism by recording, date and time stamping URLs and sources whenever information is copied or downloaded from the Internet. It requires building of bibliographies and citations while tracking the entire process, including the writing, protecting the innocent researcher against inadvertent plagiarism. The intentional plagiarist is easily identified by the effort to which they had to go to override the PowerResearcher tracking features. PowerResearcher, used in conjunction with a detection service, provides the most comprehensive plagiarism prevention possible, constituting a sophisticated and timely prevention and deterrence. And with institutions now being threatened with lawsuits by students accused or caught, focus should be on plagiarism prevention, using a tool like PowerResearcher that clearly identifies the intent of the plagiarist.