What is plagiarism?

We've gathered together a number of resources to help faculty and students alike get their bearings on the subject in general and this resource site in particular.


We've produced a basic primer on academic honesty and plagiarism. This is a good place to begin to understand what exactly is meant by plagiarism and what kinds of practices, intentional or inadvertent, constitute it.


We've compiled a bibliography of print and electronic resources dedicated to plagiarism.

Style Guides

We've assembled a list of the various style guides regularly used in the academy and have provided links to online versions where available.

Tutorials and Guides

We have produced several resources to help students test their understanding of plagiarism, familiarize themselves with citations, and to learn the basics about Endnote, a bibliographical software program:

Self-Test: An online quiz that tests your knowledge of what does and does not constitute plagiarism.

Citation Examples: Dynamic examples of correct and incorrect citation and paraphrasing.

Endnote: A basic introduction to the bibliographic management program.