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Introduction to the Bibliography on Watermarks and Papers in Greek Manuscripts

Contents of this Introduction to the Bibliographical Database:


The primary purpose of this bibliographical database is to collect in a single, growing catalog references to scattered publications of watermarks and papers in Greek manuscripts, and to enter them into a database in which they may be indexed and searched by watermark design. This finding aid for watermarks in printed sources complements the databases of watermark images and paper descriptions, making this Archive a comprehensive resource for research on paper in Greek manuscripts. It represents a continuation of the work begun by Paul Canart and Dieter Harlfinger, whose efforts to collect this material are appropriately cited in the first division of this Bibliography.

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Overview of the Bibliographies

The Bibliographical Database consists of the four divisions listed below.
The headings for each division in this list are links directly to that division of the database.
Printed Bibliographies on Watermarks in Greek Mss
Printed Bibliographies like those of Paul Canart and Dieter Harlfinger are listed here.

Watermark Catalogs
Two kinds of catalogs are included in this list: catalogs of watermarks like Briquet, most of which are not restricted in scope to papers in Greek manuscripts, but are commonly cited by scholars and catalogs of manuscripts which include publications of watermarks and/or paper descriptions.

General and Theoretical Bibliography
Includes such resources as paleographical and codicological studies, studies of the history of papermaking, and handbooks that deal with the significance and interpretation of watermarks and paper -- as evidence for the date and provenance of manuscripts or the reconstruction of the work of medieval and renaissance centers of Greek manuscript production -- are included here.

Studies of Individual Watermarks
This is the heart of the bibliographical database. Entries are listed by standard English terms for watermark designs, and accordingly the bibliography may be searched by those terms.

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How to Search this Database

Unlike the database of descriptions of paper, this resource is (at least for the present) a simple World Wide Web document. Additions to this document will automatically be appended by submissions sent in on the Forms for contributing to the Bibliographical Database. The Forms also automatically index the additions to the Bibliography for watermark names, based on information provided by the submitters.

You may search this database by two means

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How to Contribute to the Bibliographical Database

Scholars everywhere working with Greek manuscripts, who know or discover publications containing watermark tracings or prints, or other information about watermarks in Greek manuscripts, are invited to contribute additions to this bibliography by using one of the following forms:

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