What is plagiarism? A quiz.

Indiana University has produced an multiple choice quiz, "What is plagiarism at Indiana University," to allow students to test their understanding of what consitutes plagiarism.

Music Plagiarism

The Music Plagiarism Project is a repository of graphic and audio materials associated with music copyright infringement cases in the United States from the middle of the nineteenth century on.

Plagiarism: Guide to Resources

Patience Simmonds has published a selected guide to "Plagiarism and Cyber-Plagiarism."

"Whose Idea Was That?"

Ginny McCormack considers the problem of plagiarism at Stanford.

Rutgers study: e-plagiarism on the rise

Stephen Downes comments on an eplagiarism article: Thirty-eight percent of undergraduates say they engaged in one or more instances of cut-and-paste plagiarism in the past year by either paraphrasing or copying a few sentences of material off the Internet without citing the source. That is up 10 percent over a similar study conducted two years ago.

Academic Integrity at Princeton: A Booklet

Princeton publishes a useful and informative booklet for its students that considers the issue of plagiarism within the context of academic integrity.

A Guide to Plagiarism and Cyber-plagiarism

University of Alberta has put together a resource page to helpe faculty "detect, prevent, and report plagiarism"

Australian plagiarism scandal threatens international relations

A recent plagiarism scandal could cost Australia some of its lucrative international students: "Fresh allegations of soft marking and plagiarism cover-ups are suddenly emerging at Newcastle and the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption is investigating the university. The allegations will harm Newcastle, there is no doubt, but more concerning is what those allegations will do to the perception of Australian higher education overseas.