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"newer" watermarks - C. Revolutionary War

Forwarded message to Watermarks:  does anyone have an answer or help for
Kent? You will have to reply direct to him, since he is not to my knowledge
a subscriber to Watermarks. I've suggested to him that Tom Gravell would
probably be able to help him.

/Bob Allison

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Subject: "newer" watermarks - C.   Revolutionary War
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Responses to WWW Archive of Watermarks and Papers in Greek Manuscripts

Topic 1:  Response to page entitled: About The Watermark Images

I suspect that someone there, can with one short sentence, save me weeks of
searching. If anyone there can point me to a site where I can identify a
watermark C. 1776, I would greatly appreciate it. I have an historically
important Revolutionary War document which I must authenticate. Hope you
can help.

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