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The Watermark Initiative

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Paper (Sheet) Description: Observed Data & Date

Key: asterisked fields are proposed in our IPH Standard Commentary but not yet implemented in our working model

IPH Field: Field Name: Data:
[IPH 3.0.1] Record_creation_date: 27/5/1997

[IPH 3.0.2-3] Source_Id: Athos, Philotheou, 003

[IPH 3.0.4] Paper_Unit_Id: ff.339-340

[IPH 4.1] Data_Source: Data derived from original

[IPH 3.0.7] Kind: Ordinary Stock [descriptor selected from options list]

[-IPH] *Original_Use: replacement bifolio in ms book

[IPH 3.0.8] End_Use: replacement bifolio in ms book

[IPH 3.0.9] Sheet_Integrity: Trimmed

[-IPH] Conservation_State: waterstained; edges of folios wormeaten; slightly soiled from handling

[IPH 3.0.10] Height: 450-452 mm
[measure, estimate, or calculation in mm of Sheet on chain line axis]

[IPH 3.0.10] *Height_method: calculated
[input options: measured, estimated, or calculated]

[IPH 3.0.11] Width: 694-696 mm [measure, estimate, or calculation in mm of Sheet on wire line axis]

[IPH 3.0.10] *Width_method: calculated
[input options: measured, estimated, or calculated]

[IPH 3.0.12] Standard: n/a [IPH example: Foolscap Folio, London ca. 1850 203 x 330 (cf. Labarre, Dictionary, p. 259]

[IPH 3.2.1] Fabrication_type: hand-made [options: hand-made or machine-made]

[IPH 3.2.2] Paper_type: laid [options: Laid (vergé) or Wove (velin)]

[IPH 3.2.3] Laid_lines: 19 [no. of lines per 20 mm.]

[IPH 3.2.4] Chain_compartments: -39-39-(33-34)-38-

[IPH 3.2.5] Shadow_lines: without [select: below, irregular, in the middle or without]

[IPH 3.2.6] Wire_characteristics: [input full description]

[IPH 3.0.13] Coloration: natural

[IPH 3.0.14] Color_Intensity:

[IPH 3.0.15] Tone: off-white (beige)

[IPH 3.0.16] Pattern: None

[cf IPH 3.0.26] Texture: matte (is measured in IPH: Bekk index)

[IPH 3.0.28] Thickness: medium

[-IPH] Stiffness: softened by exposure to water, but not disintegrating

3.3.9 Early_date_day: 1

3.3.9 Early_date_month: 1

3.3.9 Early_date_year: 1526

3.3.10 Late_date_day: 31

3.3.10 Late_date_month: 12

3.3.10 Late_date_year: 1570

[-IPH] Dating_Rationale: Floruit of the scribe, Maximos

Paper (Sheet) Description: Data from Analysis

IPH Field: Field Name: Data:
[IPH 3.0.18] Pulp:
[IPH 3.0.19] Fillers:
[IPH 3.0.20] Sizing:
[IPH 3.0.21] Sizing_Degree:
[IPH 3.0.22] Coating:
[IPH 3.0.23] Coating_Mode:
[IPH 3.0.24] Dyestuffs:
[IPH 3.0.25] Ash_content:
[IPH 3.0.27] Weight:

Historical Resources Bibliography [IPH 3.0.5]:

Bibliography_Key: Bibliography_Page Bibliography_Reference_Nmbr:
briquet 1985 __________ 1532

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The Watermark Initiative was created by Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College

and James Hart
Information Services, Bates College Lewiston, Maine, 04240

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