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The Watermark Initiative

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Bibliography for the Watermark Initiative WWW Archive of Watermarks and Papers

Robert W. Allison, The Checklist of Dylux Watermark Prints from the Philotheou Project, Lewiston, Bates College Library Dept. of Special Collections, 2001.
This is an imaginary title for demonstration purposes.

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V. Mosin, Anchor Watermarks in Monumenta chartae papyraceae historiam illustrantia 13. Amsterdam, 1973.
Includes a good discussion of the role of watermarks in dating manuscripts.

Annaclara Palau, "Les copistes de Guillaume Pélicier, évêque de Montpellier (1490-1567)", Scriptorium 40 (1986) 225-37.
The author's research on the Greek manuscripts in the library of Guillaume Pélicier, the French ambassador to Venice between 1539-42, relied heavily upon analysis of the watermarks to supplement other palaeographical and documentary evidence.

Jane Roberts, A Dictionary of Michelangelo's Watermarks. Milan, 1988.

David Woodward, Catalogue of Watermarks in Italian Printed Maps a 1540-1600. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1996.
Catalog of 335 serially numbered beta radiograph prints of watermarks with descriptive motif titles, dimensions, notes about special characteristics, and IPH Standard (1992) coded descriptions. Each accompanied by a list of known exaples from maps in chronological order by the date of publication of the maps. At the end a "Graphic Index" of thumbnail sized tracings referenced by serial numbers of the watermark prints. The catalogue is organized by IPH classes of watermark motifs as follows:
Man (IPH A)
Woman (IPH B)
Animal (IPH C)
Bird (IPH D)
Mythical figures (IPH F)
Flowers (cf. IPH G6-9)
Trees, shrubs, creepers (IPH H)
Sky, Earth, Water (IPH J)
Buildings, parts of buildings (IPH K)
Transport, vehicles (IPH L)
Defense and arms (IPH M)
Tools, equipment, clothing (IPH N)
Musical instruments (IPH O)
Insignia of rank, mace, sceptre, jewelry (IPH R)
Heraldry, coat of arms, mason's marks, merchant's marks (IPH T)
Geometrical figures (IPH U)
Individual letters (IPH W)

The Watermark Initiative was created by Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College

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