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How to contribute new watermarks and paper descriptions to this Archive

The success of this Archive as a central repository of watermarks from papers in Greek manuscripts beyond those of Philotheou Monastery on Mount Athos depends upon you, the user. You are invited to participate in the growth of this resource by publishing here your prints or tracings of watermarks in Greek manuscripts together with capsule paper descriptions. Scholarly cooperation in this project will produce a tool whose usefulness will far surpass the traditional printed catalogs of watermark catalogs.

You may contribute to this archive by submitting either electronic or hard copy of your watermarks. Hand- or machine-drawn tracings or Dylux® contact prints may be sent by traditional mail to the address given below, where they will be scanned and returned to you. For instructions on how to make contact prints using the Dylux® method, see the instructions for making Dylux® contact prints included in this archive.

Alternatively, you may follow these three steps to submit your contributions electronically:

  1. scan your prints (see the description of the method provided here)
  2. send the JPEG file to this data base following our simple Instructions for Submission of Images
  3. submit the relevant descriptive data using our Form for Paper Description.
The new watermark prints and descriptions will then be added to this archive and its catalog, and you will be credited with their publication.

All watermark prints and tracings should be scanned with a small milimeter scale in order to guarantee accuracy of size of subsequent reproductions.

If you submit a contact print using the Dylux® method, or a scan of a contact print, I will enhance the image as described in the page on method in this Guide (if it such enhancement would be useful) and add it to the archive.

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