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Instructions for Electronic Transfer of Watermark Images

Instructions for submission of images are posted at the Watermark Archive's FTP site. When you hit the button labelled, submit an image, you will see the following welcome message and instructions.

Welcome to the Archive of Papers and Watermarks in Greek Manuscripts. This is the FTP repository for receiving new watermark images. You may upload watermark images to this site via anonymous FTP, which will accept submissions of watermark images in the form of graphics files.

Users of Netscape can upload files to the site by dragging and dropping files from the desktop to the Netscape browser window on which this message appears.

Alternatively, you may choose Netscape's File|Upload (bar menu) option. In the resulting dialog box, select the file on your hard disk that you wish to upload.

You may also use any FTP client, sending your file to:


Guest users log in by using the username "ftp" or "anonymous".

If you have watermarks to contribute to the Watermark Archive, and are unable to succeed in uploading them by FTP, please send a note to that effect using the response form ("Respond" button at the bottom of this page) or send a simple e-mail note to the address given there. We will then attempt to assist you, or make alternative arrangements.

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