New This Year:  The Newsletter “WRC Sound Off!”

Issue #1 – October 6, 2004

Issue #2 – October 27, 2004

Issue #3 – November 10, 2004




·        Activities Fair at the start of the school year

·        Making Strides Against Breast Cancer:  walk/fundraiser in October

·        Marie Wilson, past president of the Ms. Foundation for Women, visits WRC for a get-out-the-vote campaign on October 31

·        Brown  bag lunches this year

o      Alison Vander Zanden, on post-partum depression

o      Pallavi Jayawant, on women and mathematics

·        Women’s History Month – stay tuned for lots of events!




·        Work with the Abused Women’s Advocacy Project (AWAP) in Lewiston

o      Volunteer recruiting and training sessions

o      Walking for AWAP’s fundraiser 5K at Auburn Mall

o      Helping AWAP gather Thanksgiving foods and supplies to donate

·        Meet on Wednesdays with girls from Poland High School

·        Show movies, including Tough Guise and Real Women Have Curves

·        Brown bag lunches:  presentations and discussions

·        Keep an email list going on which members can share stories, articles, and ideas

·        Lending library at the WRC house, 45 Campus Avenue:  click here to see a list of books




Co-Coordinators: Adrienne Eaton and Jill Murphy

Treasurer: Kay Gonsalves

Secretary: Kelsey Barrett

Historians: Caitlin Hurley and Cricket Alioto



The Vision of the Bates College Women's Resource Center is:

·        To create a safe and comfortable space for women on campus

·        To provide a place for students to exchange ideas and meet with peers and professors outside of an academic setting

·        To provide a pro-active, supportive environment that builds community

·        To generate and encourage dialogue between men and women regarding gender and women's issues at a local, national and international level

·        To facilitate action and raise awareness regarding gender and women's issues in order to help create a campus free of sexism, discrimination and violence



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