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Jerome Bennett

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
High School: Culver Military Academy
Major: Philosophy
Events: Pole Vault
PRs: 14-11.25
Favorite Colors: Red and Blue
Quote: "It's Showtime"



Doug Brecher

Nickname: Fudge
Hometown: Newton
High School: Newton North
Major: Politics
Events: 5000, 10000
PRs: 15:06, 31:14
Favorite Run: Reverse Bloody
Favorite Color: Red



Carlos Castro

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
High School: The American School Foundation
Major: Geology
Events: 200, 400
PRs: 23.43, 51.55
Favorite Colors: Blue
Favorite Commons Food: Sundae Sunday



Nick DeFrancis

Hometown: Norwich, VT
High School: Hanover High School
Major: Math and Economics
Events: Pole Vault, Javelin, Triple Jump, 400
PRs: 13' 00", 166-1, 40-09
Favorite Colors: Rust
Favorite Commons Food: Lava Cake



Steve "Fukuda" Fukuda

Hometown: East Hartford, CT
High School: East Hartfrord High School
Major: Biology and Sociology
Events: 400
PRs: 51.576983423560002
Favorite Colors: Blue, sometimes white
Favorite Commons Food: Brown Juice, Red Fruit, Green Vegetables, Gray Meat

Quote: "I love the Bates College Indoor and Outdoor Varsity Track Team" -Fukuda


Peter Garber

Hometown: Jersey born, Jersey bred
High School: Millburn
Major: Chemistry
Events: Pole Vault
PRs: 12' 10''
Favorite Commons Food: Grilled Cheese
Quote: Shut up and jump!



Jason Joseph

Hometown: Merrimack, NH
High School: Merrimack
Events: Sprints



Mark Liu

Hometown: Lexington, MA
High School: Lexington High School
Events: Shot, Disc, Hammer, Weight
PRs: 40-2.5, 131, 160-11.5, 53



Rich "Dick" McNeil

Hometown: Lawrence, MA
High School: St. John's Prep
Major: Music
Events: Shot Put, Discus, Hammer, Weight
PRs: 52' 4.5", 158' 9", 184' 6", 59' 10.5"
Favorite Colors: Black and Garnet
Favorite Commons Food: Sicilian Pizza

Quote: "V you need to get more height... H.I.T.E, hite" -Joe Woodhead


Evan Michaelson

Hometown: Westport Connecticut
High School: Hopkins School
Events: Sprints



Jeff Roeser

Nickname: Doogie
Hometown: Annapolis, MD
High School: The Key School
Major: Biology
Events: 800, Mile, Steeple, 5000
PRs: 2:08, 4:48, 10:27, 17:10
Favorite Run: Lake
Favorite Color: Chartreuse
Favorite Commons Foods: Allegedly Vegan Pad Thai, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Lava Cake, though we all know deep inside his favorite is Vegan Crazy Cake

Quote: "Every true genius is bound to be naive." -Friedrich Schiller


Griff Stabler

Nickname: Franz
Hometown: Keene, NH
High School: Keene High School
Major: Economics
Events: 600, 800, Mile, Steeple
PRs: 1:25, 1:58, 4:25, 10:13
Favorite Run: Bridges
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Commons Food: Chicken Tenders

Conor Welch

Nickname: Leon
Hometown: Newburyport, MA
High School: Newburyport High
Major: Politics
Events: Steeple
PRs: 9:35 (Steeple), 26:03 (XC)
Favorite Run: Spill
Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Commons Food: Chicken Patties


This website is the unofficial team run page for the Bates College Cross Country team. It is maintained by Peter Gurney '11, if you have any questions or complaints, please e-mail them to pgurney@bates.edu.