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Devin leads eventual race winner Peter Kosgei of Hamilton, with Wortham in tow at NESCACs. (Photo courtery of John Wortham)

Bates Men Amped for Regionals After Strong NESCAC/ECAC Performances

I apologize for failing to update the website this past week. While I would like to contend that I've been swamped with work, I will concede that I've frittered away much of my time watching Battlestar Galactica. The past two meets have gone far too well to go without mention, with fifth place finishes at both NESCACs and ECACs, and a move into 31st in the national rankings. Our finish at NESCACs poises us well for regionals, as we were only 20 points out of second, and ran without Iceman up front.

On a course supersaturated with mud, Devin and Tully both has killer races, finishing sixth and tenth with all NESCAC honors. Jag backed up his impressive finish at States by finishing 28th, and after having to sit out of states Wortham came back respectably in 33rd. After him the Bates runners just kept coming, with Grizz, Tom, Graham, and Elmo finishing 33, 38, 41, 46, and 49, respectively.

Donning festively striped gloves, the ECAC crew demonstrated our team's depth with runners placing 7, 15, 22, and 24 in in the 300 person field, putting our fourth runner ahead of the fourth man from any other team. Sweetums rebounded from a less than satisfactory race last week by leading the team, earning all ECAC honors along with Big Red, who stepped it up big time. Elmo and Graham came in next, capping off their seasons with another week of strong racing.

The team's looking to turn some heads this next weekend at Williams, but will first see how those not competing fare in the first annual Ray Buker Two Mile Time Trial, to be held this Thursday on the Bates indoor track.

Full NESCAC Results

Full ECAC Results




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