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BatesvTufts 9/15/2012

Bates Wins at Home Against Tufts


The rolling hills of Pineland Farms were host to the most competitive dual meet in Division III this weekend between fifth ranked Bates College and seventh ranked Tufts University. Bates had a monstrous day, leaving seventh ranked Tufts University far behind. Bates athletes took four of the top five places and put nine runners before Tufts’ fifth man. In a meet where the top ten athletes from each team contribute to scoring, Bates beat Tufts by a margin of 41 points (85-126). Bates’ top four also posted the four best times by Bates athletes ever at Pineland Farms. The five-mile race was the first ever by Bates freshman and their successful transformation into collegiate runner was marked with their re-naming. The fifteen new collegians join a long list of Bates runners that spans several decades, each runner who after their first full-length collegiate race received his nickname. Without further delay, the 2012 Bates College Cross-Country team with boundless enthusiasm would like to introduce: TJ “Hammer” D’Amato, Sam “Waco” Reilly, Bryant “Ford” Perkins, Taylor “Chef” Saucier, Chris “DQ” Shaw, Stephen “Timba” Sipprelle, Porter “Slater” Harrest, Jake “Boomer” Nemeroff, Alex “Bell” Tritell, Gregg “Dizzy Masticore” Heller, Alex “Taco” Arau, Adam “Pacman” Maurey, Mark “Farva” McCauley, Emmanuel “Shaq” Toroitich, and Christian “Spud” Sundstrom.

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