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Bates-Colby Class Wave 9/8/2012

Bates Wins Colby Wave Race


Mid-distance runners shine for Bates College at 3 mile Colby Wave Race.

In the Junior/Senior race, All-American mid-distance runners James Lepage and Noah Graboys led the way for the Bobcats, covering a challenging last mile in 5:04 and 5:06 respectively to put away the competition. Lepage and Graboy’s heel-striking teammates didn’t run too shabby either, helping Bates take seven of the top eight places in the Junior/Senior race. Mid-distance runners in the Freshman/Sophomore race also shined. 800 meter runners John “Mac” Stansel and Cam Black-Ingersoll led the way for the Bobcats. Mac posted the fastest time of the afternoon and led the Freshman/Sophomore race wire to wire. Next week the eighth ranked Bobcats will take on the sixth ranked Jumbos at Pineland Farms for their first 8km race of the season.

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