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Alumni Meet!


At the 40th annual Alumni Race, alumni participation was high as many wished to take part in a season that holds much promise for the Bobcats. The Bates men enter the season ranked second in the region and eighth nationally. The varsity team performed strongly beating a talented alumni squad led by Peter “Sweetums” Gurney’s first place finish. Other returning alums included team photographer Tom Leonard ’78 who, now that we place it in writing, is being held accountable for his promise to run next year. Paul “Wildman” Hammond ’82, 14-time winner of the alumni race, also competed for a record 21st time placing an impressive 15th. Al Wait ’83, John McGrath ’00, Jake White ’03, Malcolm Gray ’03, and Steve Mortimer ’81 were present as well along with recent grads Tom Espo ‘11, CJ Murray ’09, Luke “Silver” Harmeling ’12, Tristan “Scout” B-I ‘11, Griff Stabler, Tim McCall ’08,  Harrison Little ’08, Ben “The Big Ticket” Taska ’11, Steve Monsulick ’07, and Sean “Jag” Colligan ’12.







This website is the unofficial team run page for the Bates College Men's Cross Country team. It is maintained by Tom Leonard '14, if you have any questions or complaints, please e-mail them to tleonard@bates.edu.