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2011 All-State award winners. 1. Coby Horowitz (Bowdoin) 25:53; 2. Tully Hannan'14 (Bates) 25:59; 3. Noah Graboys'14 (Bates) 26:09; 4. John Vallo (Southern Maine) 26:10; 5. Andrew Wortham'13 (Bates) 26:14; 6. Devin Dilts'12 (Bates) 26:15; 7. Ken Whitney'13 (Bates) 26:20. Note Coach Goewey enjoying the wonderful spread of food put out by friends and family of Bates Cross Country.

2011 State of Maine Meet
Bates Wins State of Maine Meet

Bates had an extremely strong showing at the State of Maine meet, winning with only 23 points.  Bates snapped Bowdoin’s 6-year winning streak by putting their top 5 in the top 7 of the meet, earning those 5 All-State honors.  The Bates men once again proved how tight of a pack they could run with only 21 seconds between 1st and 5th place.  Breakdown of All-State honors: 1. Coby Horowitz (Bowdoin) 25:53; 2. Tully Hannan (Bates) 25:59; 3. Noah Graboys (Bates) 26:09; 4. John Vallo (Southern Maine) 26:10; 5. Andrew Wortham (Bates) 26:14; 6. Devin Dilts (Bates) 26:15; 7. Ken Whitney (Bates) 26:20. Considering the muddy conditions of the course, the times run by everyone were quite fast; it was a truly impressive day for the team. Thank you to all the friends and family of the team who came out to support the Bates men at the meet.

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