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3000 Meter Time Trial
3k Time Trial Expected To Be Tight Race
Those Bates men not competing at regionals on saturday will be running a 3000 meter time trial on the Bates indoor track tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Things are looking surprisingly unpredictable at this point, with five runners projected as having a reasonable chance of victory.
Probability of Victory   Probable Order of Finish  
Sweetums 25% Swayze  
Swayze 20% Ritz Predicted Winning
Catnip 17% Catnip Time: 9:07
Ritz 16% Stag  
Stag 10% Elmo  
Griff 3% Griff  
Elmo 2% Tristan  
Other 7% Joe  

It's past my bed time, and I need to use the facilities, so I'm going to refrain from writing up anything else. My analysis: There is a high probability that the victor's nickname will start with an S.



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