Meet Program and Results from 1881 and 1883

In 1881 and 1883 the annual Meetings of the Athletic Association took place in early June. Taking place some 100 years before the oldest member of the current Bates team was born, the meets featured events that were often competed in at the time. Such events included the "Three Legged Race," "Sack Race - 50 yds. and Return," "Throwing Base Ball," "Potato Race," and the "One Hundred Yards Dash Backwards." The original programs have been preserved in the balcony of Alumni Gym, but are too fragile to be photographed or scanned - so they have been re-recorded. At any rate, they ought to make the reader smile at the "ancient" events and recorded times.


Second Meeting of the Athletic Association at the Trotting Park Saturday, June 11, 1881

Fourth Meeting of the Athletic Association at Fair Grounds June 1883