Collections Containing Materials Related to Military Conflict and Veterans


Wentworth Adams family papers

Civil War correspondence between Edwin O. Wentworth and his wife Caroline. Edwin Wentworth was the grandfather of Edwin Wentworth Adams, Bates trustee and donor of Wentworth Adams Hall. Adams served in the 37th Massachusetts regiment from 1862 to 1864.

Uriah and Anne Balkam letters

Uriah Balkam taught at Bates for a year; he also served as chaplain to the 16th Maine regiment during the campaign in northern Virginia in 1864.

Dressler Family Collection of Alfred Williams Anthony Papers

Contains correspondence of Civil War soldier Frank A. Waterman, who served with the First Rhode Island Light Artillery.

Garcelon family papers

Civil war correspondence of Alonzo Garcelon, in his role as Hospital Surgeon/General Surgeon of Maine from 1861 to 1864. Garcelon was instrumental in securing Lewiston as the location for the Maine State Seminary (later to become Bates College) in Lewiston. Also contains Civil War letters written to family members by the brothers William G. and John A. Davis. William served with the 2nd Wisconsin regiment, while John served with the 15th Confederate Cavalry regiment.

Hanford family Civil War letters

Letters written by men who served in the 144th New York Volunteer Infantry, a Delaware County Regiment during the Civil War.

Richard Calvin Stanley Diary

Covers his time in Washington in 1864 with the U.S. Sanitation Commission.

Benjamin F Hayes Papers

Purportedly contains a piece of the flag carried by the first US casualty of the Civil War. Col. E.E. Ellsworth.

Civil War related and other historic newspapers

Several Civil War era newspapers.

Office of the President, George Colby Chase records

Includes President Chase's correspondence with World War I servicemen.

United States V-12 Collection

The V-12 program at Bates trained naval officers for World War II, and ran at Bates from 1943 to 1945.

Gordon L. Corbett collection

Includes newsletters sent by Bates geology professor, Lloyd Fisher, to Bates students serving in the armed forces during World War II. Letters include details of Bates events as well as excerpts of letters sent to Dr. Fisher from Bates servicemen. Collection also contains letters describing Corbett's experiences during his WWII service.

Bates College Photograph collection

Includes many photographs of the V-12 program, some of the Student Army Training Corps (World War I), and a few of Sampsonville (housing for returning veterans of World War II).

Bates Subject files

Includes assorted material on World War I, World War II and Sampsonville. Also includes a brief biographical sketch of Aaron Daggett (Seminary student in 1860), who served with the 5th Maine in the Civil War.

Bates Student newspapers

Reporting on more recent conflicts can be found in the Student; issues up to 1980 are now online.

Edmund S. Muskie papers

Muskie (Bates '36) worked to promote government support for veterans as a U.S. Senator. Also contains a wide array of material on the U.S. political aspects of the Vietnam War.

Philip M. Isaacson papers

Includes letters from Isaacson to his parents during his service in the Navy during World War II.