Plagiarism in British HE

Sociology professor, Frank Furedi, discusses the significance of plagiarism to British HE.

New Hampshire prof disciplined for plagiarism

A University of New Hampshire professor has been found guilty of "scholarly misconduct" for not acknowledging a source in a newspaper column,

"New ethic of learning"

An article in Forbes considers the issue of academic plagiarism and the "new ethic of learning" that educators are using to teach grade schoolers the responsible use of information.

The Plagiarism Blog

Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian at Eastern Connecticut State University, maintains The Plagiarism Blog, hosted by Blog*spot. For additional resources, see TASS 2004.

Turnitin official sets the record straight

In a letter to the editor of the Brock University newspaper, Patrick Runkle, editor at Turnitin, defends the detection service against allegations that it violates intellectual property law.

Massey University (NZ) embraces Turnitin

Computerworld contains a balanced report on academic plagiarism and Massey's response to it.

Plagiarism down under

Plagiarism plagues Queensland's state universities

Australian students seek compensation from Turnitin

In response to Melbourne University's plan to introduce Turnitin, students have demanded compensation the commercial use of their intellectual property.

CBB in the news

Kairosnews blogs CBB Plagiarism Project. (7 March 2004)

The NITLE News cites the CBB plagiarism project as an effective example of RSS in Education. (February 2004)

Maine Public Broadcasting interviews Andrei Strukov, University of Maine, Orono, and Michael Hanrahan, Bates College, about their respective institutional approaches to plagiarism. (29 January 2004)

Journalism: The next market for Turnitin?

John Barrie, the founder of Turnitin, sees journalism as the next potential market for his detection services.