Comparing detection options

R Tedford, "Plagiarism Detection Programs: A Comparative Evaluation," College & University Media Review 9.2 (2004): 111-18, provides a summary of several popular detection services.

Plagiarism Quiz

Empire State College has produced a short quiz on plagiarism.

Academic honesty initiatives @ Bentley

The student newspaper at Bentley College has published a summary of college's efforts to promote academic honesty.

Men cheat more than women?

A recent survey conducted by the University of Arizona suggests men cheat more than women.

To Turnitin or not to Turnitin

Minnesota State University at Moorehead has subscribed to Turnitin. This decision has raised serious questions by students concerned about the services's potential abuse of their intellectual property rights.

Journalism & Plagiarism

The Christian Science Monitor reviews the impact of plagiarism on professional journalism.

Tenured professor center of plagiarism investigation

A tenured math professor at Penn State, Wilkes Barre, disputes university allegations that he plagiarized. Professor Mohamad Nouri has set up a website to defend himself against the accusations.

UCLA opts for Turnitin

UCLA has recently obtained a campus license for Turnitin.

Changes in academic honesty system @ Bentley

Two student organizations have suggested ways to improve student ethics and social responsibility at Bentley College.

U of Victoria conducts survey of academic misconduct

A recent survey at the University of Victoria, BC, has reinforced the view that there's a need for educating students and instructors on academic integrity.